Book 2 in the Everheart Dean Series

Countless lifetimes. Locked in a war with the Devil. The fate of the world is the prize.

Everheart Dean can live with being hunted. She can live with death hanging over her head every day. But there’s one thing she can’t live without: the demon prince, Samael.

Seven months have passed since Everheart discovered the horrifying truth—Lucifer’s forces are seeking her soul, and Sam and his demon companions are the only ones standing in their way.

Sam will do anything to keep Everheart out of Hell’s reach, insisting a confrontation can only end in disaster. All he wants is for her to live a happy, normal human life.

But normal is easier said than done. Lucifer still haunts Everheart’s dreams each night. Memories of a past life leave her shaken and full of questions. Now a new threat is emerging in the neighbourhood. And an overprotective ghost with a secret has moved into her room.

When Everheart’s meddling best friend, Sarah, comes to stay, events spiral out of control. Everheart’s love for Sam is put to the test as the truth behind the secrets he still keeps begins to emerge.

Everheart is faced with the toughest decision of her life—hold on to the ones she loves? Or face her destiny, and risk everything…

Romantic and enthralling, FAMILIAR is the second book in the Everheart Dean Series, a young adult paranormal fantasy ideal for lovers of the Twilight Saga and the Fallen Series.

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Book 1 in the Everheart Dean Series

A girl haunted by a dark nightmare. A boy with secrets. A war as old as time.

When her father moves them out to Turquoise Cove, Australia, 18-year-old Everheart Dean vows to lie low and escape back to the US for college. But her life is tipped upside-down after a trip to the beach takes a deadly turn and she is thrown into the path of the impossibly handsome, and strangely familiar lifeguard, Sam Archer.

Everheart quickly finds herself pulled into life in Turquoise Cove. Sam and his friends, five totally gorgeous lifeguards, won’t let her out of their sight. They shower her with gifts and drag her to parties at the huge house they share.

But when bad things start happening in Turquoise Cove, the veil between reality and the supernatural disappears. Demons are hunting her. Angels want her dead. And the boy she’s falling for is the most mysterious of all.

Desperate for answers, Everheart is forced to question the truth behind Sam’s attentions, as well as everything her father ever told her about her past and the mother she can’t remember.

Captivating and profoundly addictive, LUMINOUS is the first instalment in the Everheart Dean Series, a young adult paranormal fantasy perfect for fans of Stephenie Meyer and Lauren Kate.

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