Book 2 in the Everheart Dean Series

Spellbinding. Mysterious. Dark. 

Countless lifetimes. Locked in a war with the Devil. And the fate of the world is the prize.

My name is Everheart Dean and I’m a liability of apocalyptic proportions. A danger to the human race. If Lucifer gets his hands on me the whole world is going to Hell.

The boy I love and his five drop-dead gorgeous companions have sworn to protect me. They want me to live a happy, normal life.

But when the Lord of Hades haunts your dreams every night, a ghost with a secret has moved into your room, and memories of a past life leave you shaken and full of questions—normal is easier said than done.

All it takes is one hot wolf shifter, a meddling best friend, and WAY too many secrets and my crazy life is set to explode.

The next great apocalypse is screaming down the tracks. And when I find out the truth behind the things my protectors still keep from me, it changes everything.

Sometimes you must risk it all to save the ones you love…

Romantic and enthralling, FAMILIAR is the second book in the Everheart Dean Series, a young adult paranormal fantasy ideal for lovers of Twilight and Fallen.